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Lynch Financial Group has been operating since 1986 after being established by Christopher Lynch with many of our clients remaining with us for this entire period. Some clients go back even further with the ‘Lynch Family’ after initially being clients of William ‘Bill’ Lynch, Chris’ father who commenced work as a Life Insurance Agent with MLC Life back in 1979.

Since 1979 the world has changed dramatically and so has our business and we now have a broader knowledge, experience and expertise encompassing all aspects of ‘Financial Planning’ and the educational requirements associated with this.

In 1999 Lynch Financial Group recognised the need to offer our clients an alternative to the Banks by introducing our Mortgage Broking arm which is managed by Anne Quick.

Throughout this time Lynch Financial Group has been focused on providing quality advice that helps you achieve your Lifestyle and Financial Goals.

Our aim here at Lynch Financial Group is to work together with you to establish, protect and grow your wealth. We are committed to providing the highest quality financial advice, delivering our services with a strong client focus and building client relationships based on integrity, commitment, transparency and excellent industry knowledge.

We believe the key to achieving long term financial wealth and security begins with building a strong financial foundation, just as the great pyramids of Giza are still standing today after 4,500 years because of their strong foundations. When building long term financial wealth and security, a strong foundation is no less important. It is never too late or too early to start to plan for your future.

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