Understanding Series

Understanding Series

The understanding series explains the different concepts associated with financial planning in an easy to read format that both new and long standing clients will be able to interpret.

Understanding Business Insurance

  • Unsure how a business succession plan works, this series provides information in relation to incorporating insurance funding to protect your investment and ensures the survival of your business should one of the business owners or a key person die, become totally and permanently disabled or suffer a critical illness.

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Understanding Debt Management

  • There are many different lending facilities on the market and this series explains the main types of loan, features and risks available in today’s markets associated to debt management for our clients.

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Understanding Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning is a complex area that most people have not seriously considered or don’t fully understand. The understanding series explains to you the different areas of Estate Planning in an uncomplicated way for you to understand.

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Understanding Gearing

  • Gearing is an investment strategy that simply means borrowing money to invest. The understanding series explains to you the concepts of gearing and the benefits and risks associated with gearing.

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Understanding Insurance

  • There are many different types of insurance that one can apply for against death, total and permanent disability, suffering a major trauma and the inability to work as well as the benefits and different options that can be applied to these types of insurances and this understanding insurance series explains there to you the.

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Understanding Investment Concepts

  • Understanding Investment Concepts for new and long term investors can sometimes be tricky especially if you have little to no knowledge about investment and the risks associated with it. The Understanding Investment Concept series outlines the concept of risk, return and diversification within investments in an easy to read format that new and long term investors will be able to understand.

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Understanding Retirement Planning

  • When approaching retirement, it is important to consider how you will invest your savings, including superannuation, so that you are able to replace your wage with a regular income throughout retirement in order to meet your goals and objectives. The understanding series explains the importance of retirement planning and how you can plan for your retirement.

Understanding retirement income_5.2

Understanding Self-Managed Super

  • Self-Managed Super Funds can be a complex area to understand the understanding series explains how self-managed super funds work in an easy to understand way.

Understanding SMSF_5.1

Understanding Social Security

  • The Australian Government offers a range of social security services and payments to support those in need and assist people to become self-sufficient. Benefits are provided through various means such as pensions and allowances. The understanding series explains the different types of social security that are available to people in certain circumstances.

Understanding social security_5.1

Understanding Wealth Accumulation (Super)

  • Superannuation has been specifically designed and endorsed by the Federal Government as the preferred way to save for your retirement. This series explains to you why you should invest in super, the different types of super and the taxation towards super.

Understanding superannuation_5.2

 Understanding Tax

  •  This series has generic information about tax only and should not be relied on to determine your personal tax obligations and instead provide a brief explanation around the different types of taxes you may come across in the financial planning environment

Understanding tax_5.1

 Understanding Transfer Balance Cap

  • This series explains the new legislation brought in from the 1st July 2017 “Transfer Balance Cap”. The transfer balance cap limits the amount that can be transferred into what is known as the retirement pension phase of superannuation and receive the benefit of 0% earnings tax.

Understanding transfer balance cap_1.1

Our aim here at Lynch Financial Group is to work together with you to establish, protect and grow your wealth. We are committed to providing the highest quality financial advice, delivering our services with a strong client focus and building client relationships based on integrity, commitment, transparency and excellent industry knowledge.

We believe the key to achieving long term financial wealth and security begins with building a strong financial foundation, just as the great pyramids of Giza are still standing today after 4,500 years because of their strong foundations. When building long term financial wealth and security, a strong foundation is no less important. It is never too late or too early to start to plan for your future.

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