Where We Can Help


A sudden windfall:

  • Wow! You’ve suddenly come into some money! Let’s make sure that you invest it wisely to make it work for you in the short, medium or long-term.


Becoming a parent:

  • Congratulations on becoming a parent! Now that you have your bundle of joy the next step is to think about what the financial future looks like for your child. We can help you obtain that peace of mind knowing that your child will be looked after in the event that something was to happen to you or your spouse.


Becoming your own boss:

  • It is a huge step when you choose to work for yourself. You need to consider the financial implications of this – so let us help you ensure that your business venture is a success.


Buying an investment property:

  • Taking a step into the investment property market can be daunting if you are a beginner or even if you are experienced. You need to make sure that you have it structured correctly so let us help you make a positive difference to your financial success in property.


Investment gearing:

  • Are you considering borrowing money to invest? Gearing can be used to accelerate the process of wealth creation. Let us look at the pros and cons for you before you decide if this strategy is right for you.


Buying your first home:

  • Are you looking forward to owning your first home? It is such a big step and you have so many things to consider. Let us make sure that your financial requirements are structured correctly and your assets are protected.


Educating the kids:

  • You always want your children to have the best education possible but the cost of school and university just continues to increase each year. Let us help you ensure that you have sufficient funding to cover their education expenses.


Getting divorced:

  • Separation is already difficult without the added burden of having to sort out and split up your finances and wealth. Consulting with a Financial Planner can help ease this burden and simplify the process to help you through this rough time.


Getting married:

  • Sharing your life with someone else is a big decision so working with us to ensure that your financial future together is bright could be the best decision you make.


Getting your super sorted:

  • Superannuation, not a word many people give much thought to. Do you know the whereabouts of all YOUR super benefits? Super is a key vehicle to ensuring a comfortable retirement so why not see us to help get yours sorted now?


Saving for something special:

  • Sometimes you just have to keep saving to get that something that you need or want. Let us help you plan this so that something special could be yours a little bit earlier.


Seeking financial freedom:

  • We all want freedom from our commitments with our aim being to do this as soon as we can. We can help plan and steer you in the right direction to achieve this goal.


Super choice:

  • Everyone has a choice in where they want their super to be and what benefits they want from a super fund. You need to make the right choice for you and we are here to help you with this.


Super for your staff:

  • Superannuation is a legal requirement and it is so important to make sure you get it right. You’ve already got so many responsibilities as an employer so let us help you sort out super for your employees.


Taking a redundancy:

  • Taking a redundancy package is a big decision in your working life. You want to make sure that what you choose to do with your funds is the right thing to do. It is critical to make sure that you get it right to help provide you financial security and freedom.

Our aim here at Lynch Financial Group is to work together with you to establish, protect and grow your wealth. We are committed to providing the highest quality financial advice, delivering our services with a strong client focus and building client relationships based on integrity, commitment, transparency and excellent industry knowledge.

We believe the key to achieving long term financial wealth and security begins with building a strong financial foundation, just as the great pyramids of Giza are still standing today after 4,500 years because of their strong foundations. When building long term financial wealth and security, a strong foundation is no less important. It is never too late or too early to start to plan for your future.

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